The extradition team at Scarmans is led by Paul Garlick QC and Muthupandi Ganesan, FCIArb, Partner, barristers with significant experience of handling cases of this type involving surrender of persons through the ‘extradition’ and ‘Mutual Legal Assistance’ procedures between countries, including proceedings under the European Arrest Warrant scheme. In addition, Scarmans has particular expertise in dealing with ‘Red Corner Notices’ under the Interpol listings.

Paul Garlick QC has a depth of experience of acting in politically motivated proceedings for high-profile individuals, having successfully represented one of the former Directors of the Yukos Oil Company in an extradition request by the Russian Federation. Chambers and Partners commended Paul Garlick QC as a highly regarded extradition barrister regularly engaged in matters with significant human rights components, offering particular expertise in cases that focus on Articles 2 and 3 of the ECHR.

Paul Garlick QC leads a team of lawyers (both solicitors and barristers), all of whom are highly regarded extradition lawyers, regularly engaged in matters with significant human rights components under both the European Arrest Warrant scheme (Category 1 cases) and other extradition requests (Category 2 cases) of the Extradition Act 2003.

The extradition team at Scarmans also has particular expertise in dealing with cases in the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council and recently successfully represented an appellant in a case against the government of Trinidad and Tobago.

India & the Commonwealth

The extradition team at Scarmans has particular expertise and interest in dealing with extradition cases involving India, the Caribbean, the Bahamas and other Commonwealth countries.

Paul Garlick QC represented the Government of India in the extradition proceedings against Nadeem Saifi, the Bollywood musical director. The Saifi case remains one of the landmark decisions in extradition requests between the UK and India and is reported as Saifi v. The Governor of Brixton Prison & The Union of India [2000] EWHC QB 33.

Paul Garlick QC advised and represented Mr Subrata Roy Sahara, the Chairman of Sahara India Pariwar in connection with an investigation and proceedings in India and the UK.

Muthupandi Ganesan, barrister and a qualified Advocate in India is currently representing an elderly client in India on a complex case with parallel proceedings in India (Madras High Court / Valliyoor Magistrates Court) and investigations in the UK at the behest of Government of India.

Muthupandi Ganesan has successfully resisted the first ever extradition request from the Government of Seychelles in a case involving allegations of fraud and corruption by public employee. Since, then Muthupandi Ganesan has appeared in cases in the Supreme Court of Seychelles on seeking compensation for unlawful detention following failed extradition request and in relation to discharge of restraint orders under the Proceeds of Crime Act (Seychelles).

Muthupandi Ganesan also represented Yagnesh Devani in relation to extradition request by the Government of Kenya.

The extradition team at Scarmans fully understands the devastating impact of being the subject of an extradition request and we have the knowledge and expertise to assist individuals regardless of the country making the request or the complexity of the request, especially in cases involving sensitive political issues or where the requests are politically motivated.

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