Criminal Litigation and Appeals

We represent Defendants in the most serious of cases on a private basis only. We are law firm with a considerable wealth of experience undertaking private criminal work. Unlike most criminal litigation firms, we do not undertake state funded litigation and we therefore are not hindered by the volume of work they undertake. Our clients often transfer their cases from legal aid to us because we undertake private criminal cases in London and Nationally because there is a lack of preparation in their cases, where they are not being seen to prepare their case and often are stranded at Court with the bulk of the work being left to a barrister to arrange at the last minute. This results in often clients taking a view that they have to plead guilty or being found guilty as a result. There remains a lot of dissatisfaction with clients and their families about the level of work being undertaken in serious matters. Often defendants are not being seen at prison in preparation of their cases. Q

If you have been the victim of a wrongful conviction and/or sentence then we have the experience and expertise to take you through the Appeal process or, if an appeal has already been unsuccessful, a fresh appeal to the Court of Appeal or an application to the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC).

Our specialist team of Appeal lawyers have vast experience helping defendants in the most serious and complex cases such as murder, fraud, drug trafficking and money laundering.


18 December 2017

The lack of Police disclosure resulted in the collapse of the rape trial against Liam Allen, read our thoughts here



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